Our analysis of lab-scale and pilot-scale production models places emphasis on the scalability of the processes and underlying technology including the environmental profile, viability of the economic model, and probability of achieving financial targets and milestones.

BioLogic Energy Partners provides scientific, engineering, and techno-economic consulting services to the algal biofuels industry including all aspects of the algae-to-biofuels value chain.  We provide customized project plans for both large and small companies, domestic or foreign, from start up to Fortune 500 companies.  We have the expertise to address all of your algal biofuel needs.

In-depth analysis and consultancy in the areas of molecular biology and algae strain development including genetic engineering and directed evolution strategies.  In addition, our staff has expertise in the processes required to produce biofuels from algae including cultivation, harvesting, extraction, nutrient management, and bio-crude upgrading. 

At BioLogic Energy Partners we offer our clients an extraordinary team of academic and industry experts with comprehensive biofuel and consulting experience.  Based on your individual project needs, BioLogic Energy Partners will put together a customized team of experts that is specifically designed to provide the required experience and technical expertise.